Backyard Weather for Juvenille Arthritis 2006

Photo Gallery & Recap:  Fox 6 Weather in our CEO's Backyard!

HRS Entertains Friends July 11, 2006!

Approximately 150 friends "toughed out" the rain in support of entertainment, friendship and an awareness campaign for Juvenile Arthritis.  All were entertained in style as intended, the rain cleared up and the campaign was a success!  We thank all in attendance, and we're thankful for the countless smiles!  We thank the many businesses who came forth with food, beverage or silent auction donations including: Silver Spur Texas Smokehouse BBQGrasch Foods, The Union House, Layton Fruit Market, Jack’s Pantry & Café, Sendik’s Brookfield, Flannery’s 2Discount LiquorChuckie’s House of WinePurple Feet Wines LLCSentry Fox Run Liquor, DC ImportsDe Bortoli WinesCartlidge & BrowneCastle Rock WineryLockwood Vineyard,  and Flanders Residential Maintenance.

Entertainment was provided by a 90-minute live Fox6 "Weather in Your Backyard" broadcast with Vince Condella.  A wine tasting benefit and silent auction for the Arthritis Foundation enjoyed wide participation.  Wisconsin WAMI CD of the Year winners, Bascom Hill performed to cap the evening's entertainment.

The event enjoyed tremendous publicity!  Inspired by the heightened awareness and our speakers, many attendees have come forth as new supporters including future Camp MASH (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting) counselors, upcoming auction donors and attendees to Arthritis Foundation fundraising events, future corporate event hosts and new corporate and individual supporters.  This event itself produced successful outcomes and a better than anticipated mini-fundraiser.  We thank Silent Auction winners including Dennis Skrypchak, Gary Jablonski, Chip Nickolett, Carol Shoberg, Wendy Foster and Eileen Gorman.

Speakers included:


    • Ashleigh Cummings, diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) at age 3.  The normal activities most children do, such as running, walking and playing, caused Ashleigh pain.  Still Ashleigh considers herself pretty lucky.  She says she doesn't take as many medications as a lot of other kids, and her friends are understanding when she needs an extra break or if an activity causes her pain.  Ashleigh has attended Camp M.A.S.H. (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting), the Wisconsin Chapter's six-day residential camp for kids with arthritis.  "I love going to Camp every year," Ashleigh states.  "I have made some wonderful friends, and some of us even make arrangements to get together in the fall."  If wishes come true, one day, research like that supported by the Arthritis Foundation will lead to a cure for kids like Ashleigh, other youngsters and the young-at-heart who are living with the pain and physical limitations caused by arthritis.

    • Chip Nickolett, father of a seven year-old daughter who has had juvenile arthritis. Heather was diagnosed at the age of 15 months.  Since that time Chip has been supporting innovative research and has become involved with the Arthritis Foundation on a national and local level.  He and Heather have been especially committed to the passage of the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act and have traveled to Washington DC to personally meet with our Senators and Representatives to enlist their support for this important bill.

    • Joel Cencius, a 22 year-old college student, who was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at the age of 8.  He struggled with symptoms of the disease for two years before his mother found a doctor who could answer what was the cause of his pain and joint swelling.  “I have permanent joint damage because it took two years to become diagnosed” says Joel.  Today, advancements in earlier diagnosis and treatment have prevented arthritic joint damage to more and more youngsters. When Joel was nine he began attending the Arthritis Foundation's Camp M.A.S.H. (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting).  He graduated from camp at age 17 and returned a year later to begin volunteering his time as a camp counselor.  "When I was a camper the best thing about Camp was that you got to be a normal kid for a week.  Everyone had to take medication and do their exercises.  You got to be with other kids who knew what you were going through.”

We thank everyone involved for amazing support and generosity that helped make this event the great success that it was.  Stemming from this campaign, valuable contributions, new volunteers, spin-off events and newfound supporters continue to emerge. Judy Haugsland, President & CEO of the Arthritis Foundation-Wisconsin Chapter, validates "this rainy day in a backyard turned into a sunny day for the Arthritis Foundation."  Judy was joined at the event by key team and board members.  The “Backyard Weather” is donated every year by Fox6 to the Arthritis Foundation’s Mystery Ball, a premier gala which is hosted annually in the first weekend of October.  Our CEO (Ball Chair 2000 and 2001) was able to drive home the winning bid for a second time in 2005 and became immediately determined to share this wonderful event with all and turn it into more than just a backyard party.

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