Job Security is Top Employee Priority In New Survey


Source: BizTimes Daily, Small Business Times, 2/21/05


Job security remains the No. 1 employee magnet and motivator, according to a new survey of more than 1,400 employees in southeastern Wisconsin. The survey was conducted by Greenfield-based Human Resource Services Inc. The HRS Human Capital Best Practices Survey asked a variety of questions of employees at several hundred employers based within 90 miles of metropolitan Milwaukee. Job security was ranked as the top priority by 41 percent, followed by: career advancement potential, 24 percent; training and positive feedback, 14 percent; money/immediate compensation, 14 percent; and benefits and perks, 8 percent. "Does this mean employers can substantially lower training wages while effectively attracting quality candidates?  No!  We already know that financial gain is a primary goal of employment," said Jessica Bare Ollenburg, president and chief executive officer of HRS. "Studies indicate that employees will not sacrifice more than 10 percent of immediate wage for promise of advancement. Candidates will still choose a permanent job over a temporary job and may sacrifice up to - but no more than – 15 percent of immediate pay in doing so. Consider human capital costs of turnover or substandard performance to optimize 'bang for your buck' when setting wages."

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